eToro Review

Human nature is like a marathon, always running towards the finish line which seems so far. To make it simple, let me break it down for you. We earn money to secure our present and future, but most importantly, the future, which is uncertain, but we still find ways to make sure that our family is secured, to be precise, financially. Talking about the traditional ways of investing the money were just about making the fixed deposits of the savings, this is what a normal family used to do. But as the times changed, new technologies came up, new ways of financial planning put forth in front of the common man, the urge to make more money grew among the people which gave birth to the intermediaries aka the brokers. 
Now that everything has gone global, so are the ways of trading as we have these days the electronic trading platforms that are nothing but do the work of a broker. And if you are looking to pick a stockbroker online, you get many choices, but if you are kickstarting your online journey of investment, you get all the required assistance with this one broker that is eToro. 


Founded in 2007, the vital motive of the platform is to make the knowhows of trading accessible to everyone around the globe and make people less dependent on the old-school models of financing. 
eToro that claims to have over 10 million users worldwide is not only an expert of CFD trading but has also spread its wings into cryptocurrency trading has many more things for its users in the store. The company that was just born as a regular online trading platform has now and then added new trading instruments to keep up with the fast pacing economic world and became the forerunners of adding social features to their platform like Copy Trading. 
Basic eToro Structure

Minimum/Maximum deposit $50/$10,000 per day
Third Party Payments NO
Regulation FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus)
Payment methods accepted Online Banking or Wore Transfers
Top Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple
Cryptocurrency support by eToro

There is a total of 96 cryptocurrencies that are included in the portal of eToro. But if compared to the other crypto trading platforms like Bitfinex or CEX, then eToro’s inclusion seems really limited. But if you are beginner in online trading and specially in cryptocurrencies then, eToro’s limited yet refined options are a go to thing for you. 
Mobile broker

Not just with the computer screen but etoro has successfully managed to enhance the mobile experience by launching its mobile application on Android. The looks and feel is of exactly the web version. Not just that the functionality like syncing watchlists are of great help to combine the platform experience to another level. 
The charts are being placed exactly like the web version and are equally responsive. Though the drawing tools are missing but surely they will add this enhancement with the further updates. Otherwise the charts are accurately integrated. 
The eToro wallet is altogether a separate application that you have to download in order to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies that are held by eToroX. The eToro Wallet app is nothing different from the eToro app and gives you the same look and feel. 
eToro Pros:

The best thing about eToro is the Low fees structure. The deposit fund minimum amount is as low as $50 and the cryptocurrencies can be bought at a minimum range starting from $25 per trade. 
eToro can be called as one of the simplest social trading platform that is really interactive. Offering a highly user-friendly experience, you can just kickstart even if you are not a pro at online trading because the features are completely hassle free, real-time and intuitive
Refined range of cryptocurrencies is what you will see here while working with eToro. Right from Bitcoin, Ethereal, Ripple, Dash, Cardano, Stellar NEO, you will find everything in the simplest format that even a layman could understand. 
The interactive interface of the trade market, the Copy Traders, your portfolio has been charted very well to understand the second by second prices of the market. It also gives the list of top performing traders, ROI and the number of risk involved along with the related traders. 
The layered and convenient membership tiers allow you to choose services with premium benefits and additional privileges. The Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+ and Diamond Tier gives you a exclusive and premium trading experience. If you are a club member then you get benefits like premium trading tools, entry to VIP events, live webinars, analyst consultations, discounts on exchange fees to name a few. 

Though there are no hidden fees charged but eToro has a high forex fee. Not just that, if your account is by any chance remains inactive, it charges a $10 monthly fee to it as well. 
Another thing that is not feasible here is that it just offers one account base currency which at times can become inconvenient. 
First thing first here, eToro is a regulated, authenticated and most importantly  a safe trade broker for forex and CFDs. Being one of the most sophisticated online trading platforms, eToro is has a good package for those who are newbies and for those as well who have been in this game for a long time. Use eToro if you want to follow other people’s trade which is their very popular version known as social trading. 
In short this platform will work really well for retail traders who are looking for crowdsourcing investment ideas by making use of copy trading which eToro expertise’s in. Also if you are looking to trade into regular stocks and forex, this is an ideal platform to do so.
Undoubtedly eToro is one of the most authentic and trustworthy trading platform and they have proved themselves so over a decade now and we do recommend you to at least give it a try and check out all the useful features that it has to cater you!